Millie is 2

Any time a friend or acquaintance announces they're expecting a baby I quietly hope that I'll one day get to make family portraits for them. It just brings me so much joy to capture all of the little details and mannerisms unique to each family. The Joneses were no different, so when Michele reached out and asked me to do 2 year portraits of Millie I of course couldn't wait for our session. We wandered around one of my favorite spots in Dallas—Fair Park. Its such a fantastic location for family photos when the fair is not in town. The grounds are beautiful, the buildings are full of art deco details, and its easy to walk around with little ones since there aren't cars everywhere.

Millie was delightfully 2, following anything that caught her eye, squealing in delight at flowers and butterflies, and teasing her parents by running away from them just at the moment they were about to steal a kiss.