The Johnson Family

Sometimes sessions come together at the last minute when all the stars align, and this is one of those. In the midst of busy wedding season and Easter, I got an email from Tiffany asking if I had time for a quick session while her step-kids were still in town from their home in England. They were going back in just a few days. Oh and ps, there are six kids ranging from 2 months to 12 years old! Amazingly, our schedules worked out and I was able to grab some shots of this incredibly loving and sweet blended family at their juice shop (if you're in Oak Cliff, be sure to stop by, its delicious!). 

The hugs and kisses lavished on the babies warmed my heart, and the camaraderie between step-siblings was beautiful to witness. I haven't gotten to know this family too closely but after spending just 30 minutes together I have a feeling that these parents are certainly doing something right. I loved getting a glimpse of the personalities of all six kids and catching some candid moments in between posed shots (those are always my favorite).

p.s. You might notice one of the girls is visibly sad in several photos. Poor thing had a really bad headache while we were shooting, but with a couple of the kids going back to England, there was no way to reschedule. She was a dear and smiled sweetly as much as she could (especially when she got to hold her new baby sister). I wanted to capture the way her family loved on her in the moments in between because those moments are the ones that really make a family. I would much rather document those tender and real moments than gloss over them and pretend everything is perfect all the time.